Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 14

Lots of stuff:
UI Elements:
Took the 3d font and flattened it out. Not terribly happy with it, so I will revisit it in the summer.
Also created a pause screen banner that changes depending on which character you are.
Also created a main menu screen

Senior artist is running out of stuff to do but I still concepted stuff for her (worst of the bunch)

I've been trying to figure these out all sememster and I finally did (mostly). They're so simple, yet so frustratingly difficult to work well.

There was a week where I just needed to do something with 3ds max. I felt i havent modeled in too long, so I started a car. I expect it to be fully modeled (inside/engine compartment/axels, etc..) unwrapped and textured by the end of the semester

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